Kansas Abortion Vote Tests Political Energy in Post-Roe America – UsTrendsNow

OLATHE, Kan. — In the final days before Kansans decide whether to remove abortion rights protections from their State Constitution, the politically competitive Kansas City suburbs have become hotbeds of activism. In neighborhoods where yard signs often tout high school sports teams, dueling abortion-related messages now also dot front lawns. A cafe known for its … Read more

Could the G.O.P. Beat Whitmer in Michigan? Party Chaos Has Hurt Its Chances. – UsTrendsNow

PONTIAC, Mich. — “Dear Mr. President,” the letter began. Donald J. Trump’s estranged former education secretary, Betsy DeVos — last seen trying to remove him from office using the 25th Amendment after the Capitol riot — took pen in hand the other day to plead with him to look past Michigan’s no-holds-barred Republican infighting and … Read more

Biden Savors Much-Needed Victories. But Will the Highs Overshadow the Lows? – UsTrendsNow

WASHINGTON — President Biden and his top advisers have tried for months to press forward amid a seemingly endless drumbeat of dispiriting news: rising inflation, high gas prices, a crumbling agenda, a dangerously slowing economy and a plummeting approval rating, even among Democrats. But Mr. Biden has finally caught a series of breaks. Gas prices, … Read more