In a slight retread of the principal film's plot, "Hocus Pocus 2" follows two present-day Salem young people

Becca and Izzy (Whitney Pinnacle and Belissa Escobedo), who coincidentally resurrect the witchy Sanderson sisters while playing out their yearly Halloween night custom

Fun times result as the young ladies competition to prevent the witches from hijacking the town's cheerful city hall leader

Anne Fletcher ("Move forward," "The Proposition") coordinates this spin-off, yet follows a similar silly comedic approach

Amazon's Alexa and Walgreens. Indeed, even a couple meta-jokes gesture to the Sanderson sisters' ubiquity in the realm of drag. 

Kenny Ortega-coordinated first film — in particular, how the sisters respond to present day developments like robot vacuums, 

Fortunately, with a cast balanced by Doug Jones, Hannah Waddingham and Sam Richardson, the blend haha's aren't exclusively moved in the three leads.